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Team Rector Vacant Position Team Rector  VACANT

Fr. Nick Debney, Team Vicar

Fr. Nick Debney, Team Vicar

I am a Team Vicar in the Newton Abbot Benefice with the particular responsibility of being the Vicar of St Luke’s Milber.  Prior to ordination in 2013 I worked for over 20 years in the NHS as a senior manager.  I served my curacy in Dartmouth and Dittisham and moved here in March 2017.  My passion is to make known the joy and wonder of the Christian faith to all ages – but in particular children, young people and families.

I am married to Sally and we have a lovely son; my hobbies include playing the guitar, mandolin and bouzouki, cooking, socialising, and walking our dog Lucy to try and wear her out!

It is a great joy to be working as part of the clergy team here in Newton Abbot and I thank God for the exciting and wonderful possibilities and opportunities which lie ahead.

Email: fr.debney@hotmail.co.uk

Phone: 01626 681259

Day off Monday

Rev'd Gareth Regan, Team Vicar

Rev'd Gareth Regan, Team Vicar

Hi, my name is Gareth and I am one of the team vicars. I was licensed to the benefice in June 2017.

The main focus of my ministry is centred around new housing areas, specifically Houghton Barton and Rew farm. I am really excited to see what God is going to do in these new and growing communities, alongside doing the other half my job which is being a priest in Newton Abbot working in the five churches that make up our benefice.

I am married with three children, and in my spare time, I enjoy cycling and building computers.

Email:  gareth@newtonabbotparishes.co.uk

Phone: 01626 201237

Day off Friday

Curate Ben Maynard

Curate Ben Maynard


01626 332546

Day off Thursday


Reader Jeremy Jeremy Howell
Reader Keith Keith Butler
Reader Simon Le-PineWilliams Simon Le-PineWilliams


Warden Peter Dunster

Peter Dunster

Abbotsbury Church

Warden Jeremy Howell

Jeremy Howell

All Saint's, Highweek

Sharon Lawrence

St Mary's

Warden David Dunn

David Dunn

St. Paul's


Mel Dunn Parish Team Administrator Mel Dunn
Parish Team Administrator
Hilary Howell

Musical Worship

Clive Sawers  Organist at St Paul's and St Bartholomew's

Clive Sawers

Organist at St Paul's and St Bartholomew's

07967 148794 or email clivesawers@aol.com 

St Mary's Wolborough Church

St Mary's Wolborough

To discuss music choices for weddings etc at St Mary's Wolborough please speak to Dennis after the service, or email office@newtonabbotparishes.co.uk