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St Luke's 11.00am Sunday Service &  Abbotsbury 11.00 am Suday Service

Abbotsbury https://youtu.be/FH3W7bI4kIA

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Some Christmas scenes from St Mary's Wolborough thank you Jill for sending them in

The wonderful garden on the steps into church 

Christmas Flowers  

Close up of wonderful flowers   

Nativity scene in church  


We would like to welcome the new nursery  Poppins that is now running from St Paul's church hall and wish them every success.



Contact  07399741151 Carly or Lauren                                      

St Pauls Church,

Devon Square 

Open Monday to Friday 8am till 6pm

Full and half days available.

2- and 3-year-old funding accepted.

Experienced, passionate and nurturing level 2 and 3 trained staff.

Home cooked healthy meals, where dietary needs are met.

Please feel free to contact us and we can answer any questions you may have, or to book a viewing to make sure Poppins Day Nursery is right for you and your precious little one.


Food Hampers

101 Festive hampers have gone to the foodbank - a figure beyond my wildest dreams - I thought we would perhaps struggle to make 50 if we were lucky!


So a huge thank you to for your generosity towards this project. I could not have done this without your support and encouragement.   


£1,215 was raised in total which ALL went in to buying food and drink and goodies along with many bags and boxes that were either delivered to me or I collected from folk.  


Some facts and figures on what the money bought:  over 60 Christmas puddings, 50 Christmas cakes, 35 tins of salmon, 35 gammon joints, 15 panettones, 30 jars of condiments and jam, 50 pkts of chocolate biscuits, 36 tins of canned fruit, 50 assorted crisps packets, 40 cans of fruit drinks, 40 pks of custard, 50 pcks of mincepies,  15 boxes of 12  crackers (split up and spread amongst the hampers)and a huge mountain of confectionary along with every type of biscuit you can imagine etc etc.   Each hamper contained a hand made Christmas card (donated) and little festive umbrellas and sweet packets beautifully handmade.


So thank you and we really have made a difference to 101 families in Teignbridge.


Here is a photo of today’s packers….and me last week after the packers had left!  But I think I have seen enough of Christmas puddings, cakes, crackers etc etc for the time being…..



Happy Christmas!

Appeal for over 65's to take part in study on Christmas

We are a group of third year Student Occupational Therapists from Plymouth University who are currently hoping to recruit participants to interview for our research project.

Our interest is in how people over the age of 65 spend Christmas, and what it is that is meaningful to them about the time of year. We hope that by furthering our understanding of the things people within this demographic like to do and what they value doing, we can attempt to transfer it into our practice when we are qualified.

We intend to interview people via Zoom, as to protect participants and researchers during the ongoing pandemic. Interviews are expected to last approximately 30-45 minutes. Should anyone wish to participate, we ask that they be over the age of 65, and to email us on the email address provided sohp605.group5@gmail.com. We understand from feedback that the email address may be off-putting, however it is a genuine email address, constructed with the sole purpose of fulfilling our contact needs through the research and is based upon our university module code and group number.

We do have ethical approval for this research, and would absolutely love it if some of your members would wish to help us. Please find attached the Participant Information sheet, which we encourage you to read.

 Please contact us for this information via email and we will be able to assist you. Thank you so much for your time in reading this email, we look forward to hearing from you. Kind Regards Gemma Crockett, Georgina Jones and Sylva Salame (Third year BSc students for Occupational Therapy at Plymouth University) 

 Please click here for the consent form and Click here for the participant sheet.


Please join us as we both worship God in his Goodness and seek to serve our community.


                       Taste and see that the Lord is good;

                 blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.

                                                                     Psalm 34:8



Hilary and Jeremy’s appeal for contents for Christmas Hampers (instead of Christmas lunch)

for HITS food bank 


Thank you to everyone who has helped with this we are very pleased to say we have been able to donate 101 hampers.


Please do contact us if you require any further information

hilarychowell@gmail.com  01626 369881

jwynterhowell@gmail.com 01626 369881




We welcome our new Curate and his family Ben Maynard and his wife Sarah and their children.

Here are some pictures from the service on the 13th  September when Ben was officially welcomed in to the Parish.


 Sharon, Keith, Patrick and Ben



St Luke’s is now OPEN for personal prayer.




9:30am-12 Noon






Funerals are being held in church for immediate family only





Please click this link to go to a website that has historic graffiti for many churches in our area, there are some from St Mary's Wolborough on the site.   https://devonhistoricgraffiti.org.uk/churches/

Please click on the link to bring up the latest Pastoral Letter March 2020










Night Shelter project across Newton Abbot

We want to reach out to the homeless in our town over the cold winter months, if you have a heart for the Homeless and are looking for a way to volunteer, there are three ways:

Evening                                 Overnight                             Morning

6pm to 10pm                         10pm to 6am                        6am to 9.30am

to welcome into                     awake overnight                   to provide    

the hall and provide              within the hall                        breakfast and

hot food                                                                              clean and tidy

                                                                                           the hall     

 Training supplies and support will be provided!

Applications are available via your local church office or click on the link below:

Application Form

Please note due to the volume of volunteers it may take a while for us to contact you, we are carrying out training in phases but we will be in touch and thank you for your application.








The  Coffee Mornings have currently been suspended due to the current situation, we will of course let eveyone know when will be holding them again. 

If you would like to volenteer at the Coffee Mornings please let one of the stall holders know, all help is gratefully recieved.

Please see the email below from Rowcroft:

Thank you so much for choosing to support Rowcroft through your coffee morning. Your support will make a real difference to families in communities across South Devon.  £250.32 is a fantastic amount to raise and will make a real tangible difference.  You may be interested to know that this could cover the cost of running our ward for one hour.


Recently, I was talking to one of the Rowcroft Occupational therapists who said that one of her patients had a routine of writing to her friend in Australia every week and taking a walk down to the post box to send it.  As her illness progressed, she found that it was difficult for her to find the energy she needed for this previously simple task.  Any of her friends and family would have been happy to post it for her but this was just another thing being taken out of her control and that was frustrating for her. Our Occupational Therapist worked with her on some breathing exercises and ideas on how to conserve energy on everyday tasks to give her the stamina she needed to complete this journey and post her letter to her friend by herself.and she did it!


It is little things like this that makes every day the best day possible for our patients and gives family members cherished memories.  Your support enables us to do this. Thank you.


St Paul's Church Hall Hire


St Paul's Church Hall is available for hire, to find out the times that are free please contact the church office on 01626 334357 or email us on office@newtonabbotparishes.co.uk 

Car parking is available for church hall users in the immediate church grounds. The use of the hall includes use of the kitchen facilities (including equipment) and toilet facilities in the main entrance hall.

Please contact the office on 01626 334357 Tuesday to Friday 9-2