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St Luke's is a church within the Catholic tradition of the Church of England and is affiliated to the Society under the patronage of St Wilfrid and St Hilda. It was designed by Arthur Martin following a vivid dream by his brother, John Keble Martin, the vicar of Coffinswell in which he saw himself at a crowded evening service at Milber Church which was of a most unusual design.  After a lot of fundraising the church was built  for the worship of Almighty God and to serve the needs of the community. Our mission is to share the experience of the love of God in Jesus Christ with all people through worship, education and service.Sunday Worship

Sunday Worship (see Services for more details) is in a 'modern Catholic' style. There is a sense in which both the mystery of God and the friendliness of God are experienced as we use all our senses to engage in worship. The incense, candles, ceremonial, music, use of altar servers, and colourful vestments are expressions of our deep conviction that the Holy Spirit is in our midst.  In Wordsworth's immortal lines:

I have felt
A presence that disturbs me with joy 
Of elevated thoughts; a sense sublime 
Of something far more deeply interfused 
Whose dwelling is the light of  setting suns, 
And the round ocean , and living air, 
And the blue sky, and the mind of man.

As a Church of England Parish Church, we recognise that members of our congregation are from a variety of church backgrounds and faith, or indeed none. There is an emphasis on teaching the Christian faith and we hope to develop a lively children's ministry in which the spirituality of children is taken seriously.  It is our aim to help and encourage every member of our congregation to grow in faith, prayer and understanding. We seek to grow into an open, enquiring and questioning congregation, with a growing sense of pastoral care and service to those  within the local community and further afield.

Various Study Courses are offered throughout the year on the basic teachings of the Christian faith and on prayer. The Sacraments of Baptism and Marriage are celebrated with great joy, holy communion is taken to the housebound and sick and we have the privilege of journeying alongside families through our funeral ministry as we seek to support all our parishioners at all times. 



Grapevine for the week of  18th July 2021 pdf.pdf please click here